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#realyou online sessions

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our plans for the congress have changed over time. One of the great opportunities has been to start a series of #realyou online sessions as a spin-off of the theme #realyou. These online sessions have the purpose of keeping #realconversations happening about #reallife topics with #realpeople like you.


We are excited about this #realjourney with you for the international AMiCUS congress, which will finally take place mostly online because of COVID-19. 

Our AMiCUS Congress special online sessions are:

  • #realrelationships on Thursday, 23 September,

  • #realhope on Friday, 24 September, and

  • #realjesus on Saturday, 25 September 2021.


The difference between our previous sessions is that this time you will be able to network and meet young people from other countries more easily thanks to the congress app. Also, that is the place to get amazing prizes, such as the ARISE Online discipleship program (value of 500 USD) or 500 EUR to do a mission trip. Access our program page for more information.

The online sessions will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel: EUD Youth Ministries.

Online Session 6


with Belinda É. Samari

Thursday, 23 September 2021 @ 19:30 (CEST)* ONLINE

We will explore the two realms as outlined in the Bible, the Seen (Newtonian) and Unseen (Quantum). Meaningful encounters happen when two people meet in the Unseen. Real relationships have the common denominator of the presence of the living God. This presupposes an intimate relationship with God, a knowing that is holistic, and a sensitivity to the Spirit as we find in the book of Acts. We will explore what these relationships are, how they manifest, and most importantly why and how can one experience them. Having real relationships is a mode of being with God that translates into connections with others.

Response groups for this session:

  • Conversation (7 groups to choose from)

  • Go deeper, with Belinda É. Samari and Tihi Lazic

  • Personal devotion, with Annika Looser-Grönroos

  • Art, with Winston Adom

More information here. Register here.

#realrelationships - Belinda_p.jpg
Online Session 7


with Daniel Bosqued

Friday, 24 September 2021 @ 19:30 (CEST)* ONLINE

Sometimes people confuse hope with optimism. Optimism can sometimes be dangerous, especially if it is not well founded. On the other hand, although many times people say that "hope is the last thing to be lost" and cling to it at any cost, sometimes it may be better to give up hope... if we have not understood it correctly.​

Today there is a crisis of hope. However, we can explore together why it is possible to have hope despite everything. Our aim is to savor the practical utility of incorporating Hope into our daily lives, in everything we do.

Response groups for this session:

  • Conversation (5 to choose from)

  • Go deeper, with Laurentiu Mot

  • Personal devotion, with Annika Looser-Grönroos

  • Worship, with Lucie and Martin Pavlik

  • Art, with Winston Adom

More info here. Register here.

#realhope - Daniel_p.jpg
Online Session 8


with Dorothea Relić

Saturday, 25 September 2021 @10:00 (CEST)* ONLINE

The real Jesus will never cease to amaze us. As much as we study his words and actions of love, compassion and understanding, we might never fully understand them. In his famous Sermon on the Mount he speaks to a crowd and calls some of them ‘blessed’. (Matthew 5) He sees the people—the real people—beyond the masks, roles, cultures and religions that shape them. His sermon surprises—it surprised them back then and it still surprises us today.

Response groups for this session:

  • Conversation (5 to choose from)

  • Personal Devotion, with Annika Looser-Grönroos

  • Go Deeper, with Gilbert Cangy

  • Take Action, with Álvaro Doladé

  • Art, with Winston Adom

More info here. Register here.

#realJesus - Dorothea_p.jpg

Meet our speakers

#realrelationships Belinda IG post square.jpg

Belinda is a doctoral student in ancient Greek philosophy with a background in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, She is a psychologist who specialises in creative modes of expression. She commonly lectures and holds workshops on psychology, creativity, philosophy and biblical studies. She is fascinated by the human being, both practically in terms of what makes us tick, and theoretically, how our deeper parts affect various aspects of our lives.

#realhope Daniel Bosqued IG post square.jpg

Daniel currently serves as President of the Sagunto Adventist College (Spain). He holds a PhD in Theology, a BA in Nursing, a BA in Psychology and an MBA. He’s passionate about youth and served as the Spanish Union Youth Ministries Director from 2012 to 2017. He’s married to Maijo, and they have two beautiful daughters: Amy (10) and Amber (8). Daniel loves reading, hiking and traveling with his family. Jesus is his life, his friend and his precious hope.

#realjesus Dorothea IG post square.jpg

Dorothea is a Croatian-born 24 years old who is currently finishing her MA in Theology (Newbold College, UK). There, she fell in love with a community that enjoys thinking about God and life, which makes her feel like home. She enjoys good conversations with friends and travelling with her husband João and her dog Nola. Her passion in ministry is working with people to find ways to extend God’s healing and love to those who are hurting.

Online response groups

In #realyou online, we will also have response groups. These are special groups in which you will be given the opportunity to respond to and process the main message in a way that is the most appealing to you and in the company of youth and students from all Europe. Maybe you process ideas through conversation, or through lettering or arts, or perhaps by having a moment of personal devotion... You decide!

For our next online sessions in 23-25 September, check out the program schedule to find more information about the response groups.


This is a free event. However, we need you to register so we can properly plan for the response groups.

Save the dates for the upcoming #realyouonline sessions:

#realyou AMiCUS Congress on 23-25 September 2021.

Previous online sessions

Online Session 5


with Sam Leonor

Friday, 11 June 2021 @ 19:30 (CET)* ONLINE

In Matthew 5, Jesus sets some pretty lofty ideals for us as his followers. Over and over again, he acts and speaks in ways that question and challenge the way we naturally approach life. He ends the chapter by instructing us to love our enemies. But what does that mean? What does it not mean? How can we apply it in our own lives? That’s what we will explore in #reallove.

Rewatch here.

POSTER_LOVE_v2 small.jpg
Online Session 4


with Jonathan Contero and Abigail Esquirolea

Friday, 12 March 2021 @ 19:30 (CET)* ONLINE

Church… A word that has been used to point to so many things. But what is church really

If we pay close attention to what the Bible says, we will discover an ancient purpose: to become the image of God to the world. God is relational, and so should be the church: a community where we experience love and deliver God’s grace to people. Let’s be real Church. 

Rewatch this session here.

Online Session 3


with Dejan Stojkovic

Friday, 11 December 2020 @ 19:30 (CET)* ONLINE

One of the impacts of COVID-19 has been to slow us down from a, frankly, frantic and overly busy existence. We now find ourselves with an opportunity to rethink who we are and what our #realpurpose in life is.

Like Moses when he unexpectedly encountered the burning bush, listening to God’s voice may take us out of our comfort zone. But life is not just about staying alive, it’s about living.

*Watch recorded video here

#realpurpose Dec. 2020 small.jpg
Online Session 2


with Ty Gibson

Saturday 26 September 2020 @ 17:00 (CEST)* ONLINE

The future of our world looks pretty dark right now. Not only has the coronavirus gone viral, but so has anger and hatred. We seem to be teetering on the edge of social meltdown. The most important question each of us must answer within the privacy of our own hearts is this: what kind of person will I be in the midst of the chaos that engulfs our world? I can either be a lover or a hater. The choice is mine.  

*Watch the recorded session here

2020.09.26_#realfuture poster_p.jpg
Online Session 1


with Tihi Lazic

Friday 25 September 2020 @ 20:00 (CEST)* ONLINE

Lives are disrupted, damaged, or lost. Economies devastated; plans destroyed. The CoVid-19 pandemic of 2020 will never be forgotten. But, what if, in the midst of fear and anxiety, we decided to use this opportunity to just stop for a moment and face ourselves?! What if we decide to put aside the scaffolding of our life—our goals, ambitions, roles, jobs—and dare to wrestle with one of the most challenging and complex questions of human existence—the question of our personal identity and purpose: Who are we and what is our unique role in the new normal?

*Watch the recorded session here

2020.09.25_#realnewnormal poster_p.jpg
Dejan Stojkovic.jpg

Dejan Stojkovic was born in Kragujevac, Serbia. He finished his primary and secondary education in post-communist Serbia, interrupted a few times with the ugliness of wars that struck this region. He came to England in 2001 to study theology and he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Newbold College. Here he started a student-led worship service ‘Experience’. Dejan has served as a youth pastor at Stanborough Park Church where he established the Parallel Service as an outreach and reclamation ministry for youth and young adults. Before being called to serve as British union youth director he was serving as a Director for Teen’s Ministry, AVS and Chaplaincy at the South England Conference. Dejan got married to Deana in 2010. Dejan’s mission in life is very simple and that is preparing young people for the second coming of Jesus.

Tihi Lazic.jpg

Dr Tihomir Lazic works as a Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Newbold College and as the Director of Public Campus Ministry (or Student Ministry) at the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church. He completed his doctorate in theology at the University of Oxford. His speciality is in systematic theology, or more precisely, contemporary ecclesiology — particularly the issues of Adventist ecclesiology and identity. 


Tihomir lives in England and is married to Kärt from Estonia. The main drives that shape his vision of life and ministry are the sense of wonder and adventure that come from exploring the unknown and from the relentless quest to understand God and believers' life in Him.

Ty Gibson.jpg

At the age of eighteen Ty Gibson had an encounter that persuaded him of God’s existence. After having been raised with a purely secular worldview and having witnessed firsthand much evil and suffering, Ty was completely opposed to the idea of a Supreme Being. “If a God exists at all,” he reasoned, “He would have to be cruel to have made a world like ours?” Ty’s conversion as a teenager was founded upon the answer to that question. The powerful reality of God’s love opened Ty’s mind to a whole new line of thought. Since then Ty has given his life to the joyous task of sharing God’s good character in public seminars, as well as through print and video media. 


A passionate communicator with a message that opens minds and moves hearts, Ty Gibson is lead pastor of Storyline Church (, as well as President of Light Bearers ( and the ARISE Discipleship School ( He has authored ten books, as well as the wildly popular TruthLink Bible Study Guides and online course ( His most recent video work can be viewed at and 

2021.02.05 #realyou IG post.jpg

Jonathan Contero and Abigail Esquirolea are a passionate couple of Jesus’ followers who love to tell a secular society that they need God even if they apparently don’t. That’s the reason why they planted CERO church to accomplish this purpose.

Jonathan is the pastor of CERO Church (Madrid, Spain) and also associate director of the Center of Secular and Post-modern Studies at the General Conference of SDA.

Abigail is a nurse who works in a school taking care of children.

They have two kids that bring them joy and beautiful and endless work.

There are many things that they like to do: travelling, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Sam Leonor post.jpg

Sam Leonor currently works with Adventist Health overseeing the work of Mission and Spiritual Care. Previously, he spent over 20 years in University ministry as Chaplain to the students and faculty of La Sierra University. 

He loves finding ways to engage culture deeply for the sake of the Gospel. His professional life has been devoted to helping people bloom into a faith that is growing, missional and full of love. 

Sam was raised in Central America where his parents were part of developing church and health care missions. He has degrees from Southern Adventist University and Andrews University. 

He is married to Shelley Campbell. Together they have two college age children, Alexandra and Micah. 

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