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Due to COVID-19, the physical AMiCUS Congress plans have been disrupted. We will now have a hybrid version of this event. That means that there is a physical event for you in some countries (like Bulgaria), but the rest will be able to follow the sessions online (see the whole program here)

Use the registration form below to register and gain access to the Congress app.

This means you will b​e able to enjoy the congress from home AND still be able to connect and network with students and youth all over Europe thanks to the AMiCUS Congress app.

The first 100 people who register and download the app will enter a giveaway to win a free participant ticket to the European Adventist Youth Congress (AYC) in Finland in 2022. 

In the Congress app, you will have the chance to win some amazing giveaways in two contests:

Leaderboard Contest

First prize: 

Choose between 1) The Arise Online Discipleship Course (valued in 500 USD) OR 2) 500 EUR for a missionary trip of your choice

Second prize: 

A free participant ticket for the European Adventist Youth Congress in Finland in 2022.

Third prize:

A kit of Bible Study Resources by EUD Youth Ministries Department.

Photo Contest

First prize: 100 EUR

Second prize: 50 EUR

Third prize: 30 EUR

Here's a video explanation of how the congress will work:

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