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A message from our response group leaders

As human beings we are all unique. Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 remind us that God has given each one of us special gifts, for the benefit and growth of others.

That means that some of us process ideas better through conversation, others through writing, others through singing, others through creating beautiful works of art…  So, our challenge for you during #realyou is that you respond to each message in your own personal way, in your preferred response group.

For our first #realyou online sessions that are happening on 25 September (#realnewnormal with Tihi Lazic) and 26 September (#realfuture with Ty Gibson), we will offer 4 different response groups:

Our response group leaders have all left a hello message for you, and explain a bit more of what we can expect in their response group.

For several of the response groups, you will need to get some materials.

Here is what you will need for the Arts Response Group. For Friday, 25 September 2020:

  • 4 to 6 sheets of tracing paper, sizes DIN-A3 and DIN-A4

  • Pencil colours, watercolours, tempera paint, markers (most markers would work)

  • Masking tape (or tape that is not too sticky)

  • Optional: fishing line and thick needle

For Saturday, 26 September 2020:

  • Paper for watercolours or thick paper (at least 300 gsm), at least DIN-A3 size

  • Paint brush for ink or watercolour

  • Black ink or black watercolour

  • White wax crayons (eg. Manley) or white candle

  • Cutter

  • Water

This is what you will need for the Lettering Response Group (both days – Friday, 25 and Saturday, 26 September 2020):

  • Notebook / Paper

  • Pencil + Rubber

  • Markers

  • Brush pen. It’s okay if you don’t have them. You can also use conical tip markers.

  • Printables (see here). 

This is what you will need for the Personal Devotion Response Group (both days – Friday, 25 and Saturday, 26 September 2020):

  • Notebook and pen, or any other device where you can jot down some notes

  • Printables (coming soon!)

There is still time to register!

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