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Dear #coronavirus: AMiCUS Congress goes global because of you

We are no longer in the same world we were living in only a few weeks ago. At the time of this writing, we find ourselves in this unique situation, confined to our homes most of the time.

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 virus has also affected our plans for the AMiCUS Congress.

Over the past few weeks, we have been thinking and processing how we can move forward with our congress. Because one thing is for sure, we do want to keep moving forward.

At these times, we feel the topic #realyou is more relevant and timelier than ever. Because this situation is forcing most of us to slow down and truly consider, “Who is the #realme?” We don’t want to be left out of that important conversation. We don’t want our lives to be the same once we are allowed to walk the streets once again.

So, yes, the AMiCUS Congress is still happening, only in a different format. We are turning it into an ONLINE event. Which means we still have an appointment with you in September.

We are now working on the details for this new approach, and just wanted to let you know.

We are confident and trusting that God will turn this into something good (Romans 8:28).

Please join us in prayer as we plan ahead.

And if you have any ideas, please share them with us so we can consider them in the planning team. Send your thoughts to or message us on our Instagram account @eudyouth.

We will be in contact with you over the next weeks as we give new shape to the AMiCUS Congress.

God bless you!

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