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Longing for a #realchurch

Starting 2021 has been anything but going back to what we used to call "normal." After a few hopeful weeks, most of us found ourselves (and still find ourselves) in at least semi-lockdown conditions. The longing for connection and community have simply intensified with the passing of time.

That is why we are convinced that our next online session couldn't come at a better moment. With all the disruption and disconnection currently present in our lives, getting together around the topic of #realchurch gains even more value.

Many churches have been closed for a while now, so it's not an extreme to wonder things like,

"Can a person be a true Christian without being a part of the church?" (Tihomir Lazic)
What is my purpose in what we call church?

These are the kind of questions we want to grapple with together on our next #realyou online session on Friday, 12 March.

The program will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

Jonathan Contero and Abigail Esquirolea are a passionate couple of Jesus’ followers who love to tell a secular society that they need God even if they apparently don’t. That’s the reason why they planted CERO church (@iglesiacero) to accomplish this purpose.

Jonathan is the pastor of CERO Church (Madrid, Spain) and also associate director of the Center of Secular and Post-modern Studies at the General Conference of SDA.

Abigail is a nurse who works in a school taking care of children.

They have two kids that bring them joy and beautiful and endless work.

There are many things that they like to do: travelling, reading, and hanging out with friends.

As usual, we will have time for interaction and personal engagement in the response groups, which will take place right after the main session.

If response groups sound new to you, they are special groups in which you will be given the opportunity to respond to and process the main message in a way that is the most appealing to you and in the company of youth and students from all Europe. The idea is for you to react to the message from one of your strengths.

In our next session, you have five response groups to choose from. The first three you may already be familiar with:

Please note there will be around 10 different conversation groups to choose from, in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Romanian. If you want to meet new people, go for an English group. If you are missing your language, let us know!

These two response groups are a new addition, so if you'd like to try something different, they are definitely a great option.

Each response group will take place on Zoom. In order to gain access to each group (and to help us better prepare each of them for you), you need to register here, and you will be emailed the direct link to each response group.

We are so excited about this new online session, and we are praying that it will be a blessing for all of us.

Hopefully, we see you again online! To register, you simply need to click here.

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