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Ty and Tihi say hi

Our #realyou online sessions start strong, with guest speakers such as Ty Gibson (@tyfgibson) and Tihi Lazic.

Tihi is one of the brightest minds we know of in Europe. He will be joining us on Friday, 25 September 2020 at 20:00 CEST (that's the time in Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Berlin, just to quote a few examples) and will deal with the topic #realnewnormal.

Lives are disrupted, damaged, or lost. Economies devastated; plans destroyed. The CoVid-19 pandemic of 2020 will never be forgotten. But, what if, in the midst of fear and anxiety, we decided to use this opportunity to just stop for a moment and face ourselves?! What if we decide to put aside the scaffolding of our life—our goals, ambitions, roles, jobs—and dare to wrestle with one of the most challenging and complex questions for the followers of Jesus in the 21st century—the question of our identity and purpose: Who are we and what is our unique role in the new normal?

When we asked him what his talk is all about, this is what he said,

Seeing yourself afresh. Finding your place in the new normal.

And he also left us a video message:

Ty, a world renowned speaker, will be joining us on Saturday, 26 September at 17:00 CEST (time in Madrid, Berlin, Rome) to speak about #realfuture.

This is what we can say about his topic:

The future of our world looks pretty dark right now. Not only has the coronavirus gone viral, but so has anger and hatred. We seem to be teetering on the edge of social meltdown. The most important question each of us must answer within the privacy of our own hearts is this: what kind of person will I be in the midst of the chaos that engulfs our world? I can either be a lover or a hater. The choice is mine.

Here's a thought he shared with us the other day:

Your future will follow the trajectory of your vision. Lock you vision on Jesus, and power, justice and beauty will emerge in your life.

He also says hello:

You can follow the program live on our YouTube Channel: EUD Youth Ministries.

Here's the link for Friday:

And the link for Saturday:

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